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At Vortex Studios, we are at the forefront of delivering your brand message to your exact target market in an authentic and captivating way. Vortex pursues a digital first, direct to consumer strategy to take advantage of the fast-growing market for programming on YouTube, Facebook, and other open platforms.

how we work

By seamlessly merging entertainment content with quality brands we are able to deliver powerful marketing that hits strategically targeted audiences.

We produce original content & partner with brands for those shows


We create custom content for brands


We develop content marketing strategies
for brands


activation options

We work with our clients to create and customize the most organic and most potent brand messaging.

  • Title Credits

  • Product Integration

  • Brand Segment

  • Executive Appearance

  • Call-to-Action Overlay

  • Lead Generation

  • E-Commerce

  • Sponsor Open & Close Billboards

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