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our process

At Vortex Studios, we first create content that can resonate with audiences. We then build a full multiplatform business strategy around the content. We develop sponsorship and marketing partnerships, when appropriate, as well as merchandising and other revenue generating opportunities. Vortex works with broadcast, cable, streaming and digital platforms to reach the right viewers for each project.

how we work

By seamlessly merging entertainment content with the right talent and brand partners we deliver powerful marketing that hits targeted audiences. Below are the 3 key aspects of our process.

We create and develop original content and business strategy


We form partnerships with brands, talent and merchandise partners


We develop
marketing strategies
with our partners to align with series at launch and as we roll out globally.


activation options

We work with all our partners to collaborate, create and customize the most organic and most potent hybrid of entertainment and marketing.

  • Brand attached to Title Credits

  • Product Integration

  • Branded Segment

  • Executive Appearances

  • Call-to-Action Overlay

  • Lead Generation

  • E-Commerce

  • Merchandise

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